We are happy to see you here and we hope you are well. These are exciting and challenging times, in a global and accelerating process of change. We want to share our creative approach to health and well-being, designed to help you cope and thrive during your travels into the unknown. Travels which might take the form of disease or other life changing events, like migrating to a new country, learning new skills or changing career. EA Creating Health concept is a collection of techniques, workshops and cultural events, designed to promote meaning-making and well-being. It is based on research in health promotion, eco-psychology, experience- and performance design, interpreted with much artistic license and openness to folk medicine and traditional practices. EA is based in the Øresund Region on the border between Denmark and Sweden, but we also work internationally by online platforms.
Hope you´ll find inspiration and new perspectives here!
Adèle is the founder of EA, and the person behind the EA Creating Health concept. Adèle makes designs for performance art, cultural events,  meditations, and Creating Health interventions.. She works directly with artists, experts, clients and health-professionals.
“I was always curious about the relation between personal and global change, and later about Public Health interventions that allow for an individual process.  My own arduous, but creative journey to well-being, has  turned out to be a wonderful gift, when creating healing space for others."
MA Performance design and Health Promotion, Roskilde Universitet​​​​​​​
BA Global Nutrition and Health
Licensed mindfulness instructor
Performing arts education: violin, theatre improvisation, performance art,  contemporary circus-theatre (UK and SE)
Caroline designs space for EA Creating Health concepts, and gives workshops and individual sessions in story-telling style & interior.
“ My curiosity connects me to my creativity and I explore the world by questioning things, reframing norms and habits. What happens if we do this..?  Every artifact and garment has it´s own story and meaning..To become aware of the story we tell about ourselves is a truly liberating and expanding process."
Disegni di Moda , Accademia Italiana Fashion College, Folkuniversitet Malmö
Global Nutrition and Health (180 ECTS)
Digital Designer
Carmen helps businesses craft meaningful connections through branding, illustration, design, and photography
MA English & Cultural Encounters, Roskilde Universitet
BA Romanian & English
Culture of Peace, Human Rights, and Conflict Resolution 
Multimedia Design & Communication

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