When you need it the most, meditation is often the last thing that comes to mind. Just breathing calmly or even taking a break might seem impossible. Sensory and creative meditation are pleasurable and enjoyable ways to stillness, which softens the transition from a fight-flight mode. They are also great for resetting your creativity, finding your joy and original flow again.

Mindfully experiencing your senses in interaction with different textures, materials, colors, scents, tastes, visual impressions, art etc. leaves your mind and sensory perception clear and calm. Sensory meditations are an integral part of  EAs Creating Health concept, together with creative meditations.
Creative meditations involve art expressions like land art, watercolor, voice work, movement, writing, and much more. EA work with two main meditative practices (that intertwine and merge in organic ways). One is when the creativity spring from a place of peaceful clarity, and the other is an process of creating and reflecting, moving towards a point of stillness.

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