BEAUTIFUL AS I AM is a creative intervention for meaning-making and well-being. Here, creativity, arts and style, offers ways of communicating with yourself and the world around you.
When you experience life changing events, your sense of identity is changing too. Whether it happens in clearly defined moments, like becoming a parent, or by time passing until a gradual change has developed into something completely new, there will be times in life when you need to redefine and rediscover yourself.
Sometimes change is involuntary, and comes in the form of a long-term disease or unemployment. The cause can be clear and relatable or a consequence of complex global challenges and changes. 
BEAUTIFUL AS I AM provides an opportunity for meaning-making and processing a change. Change is always personal, whether it happens entirely on a personal level or on a much larger scale. By listening to your interests and needs we´ll find the means of creative expressions that fits you. The focus is on exploring values and narratives, to  find energy, insight and peace.

BEAUTIFUL AS I AM is a course of guided sessions (individual and/or in groups) .We involve your  home, wardrobe and living area in the process - in a way that feels comfortable to you. Depending on your energy-level and interests, activities like shopping, visiting nature or cultural venues will be included.
Between sessions there will be opportunity to chat and share pictures, ideas and concerns with the facilitators.

Adèle Ja – creativity, meditation, and nature connection
Caroline Tåqvist –  story-telling in styling and interior design
Carmen Nebela - photography and creativity

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